September 6, 2010

pesticides and such

it seems that no matter how dead the bug is...if it's in the toilet and i'm peeing i find myself hovering above the seat in fear of it crawling up and biting my ass or worse my vagina. i could not live a functional life if ever a cockroach touched my butt.

i'd really like some icecream from dutch dreams right now

May 12, 2010

Strictly Business

The Jerk book is now available at Hits and Misses (860 Bloor Street W.) for $5 each and is still available in the window of Zoinks!! (1019 Bloor Street W.) for the same price. I am still slowly putting together part 2 and hope to have it available before the summer is done.

I also have prints for sale which i will soon enough be putting online for viewing. They go from $15 -$30 depending on the size and whether you prefer framed or unframed.

I have greeting cards available. They simply have a print on the front and are blank on the inside, so you can write your own damn shit in there because there's nothing i hate more than a card that looks perfect on the outside, but then says some weird shit that you would never say to the person or to anyone for that matter on the inside, though if you want me to write something on the inside all fancy calligraphy-like or serial killer collage lettering-like i can for some extra coin. The cards go for $4 each and even come with a card.

I've been putting some stuff up around the city so keep your eyes peeled (i really hate that expression. it makes me cringe thinking of eyeballs being peeled like grapes with a paring knife) for secret messages and silly doodles and I'll also be having another show sometime soon once I find some sap to host my shit for a little while. If you know of any good bars out there looking for art for their walls let me know or let them know or let someone know about me.

I'm also going to seriously be pursuing this baking business. If you or anyone you know needs a delicious personalized birthday cake, or a batch of fresh baked cookies or a dozen or two of cipcakes or muffins then put in an order at the contact below. Tell me what you have in mind and we can work out a price. My baking services are not expensive. As long as the groceries are covered and I feel my efforts and time are fairly financially compensated then I'm happy to feed you and your party for a fair price.

Oh and if you're lucky enough to find some shake I can bake you some pretty damn tasty party favours with a little kick.

I'm down for doing just about anything creative right now so if you got a project and I can help in some way let me know what and when.

Contact me for any questions, concerns, love and marriage advice, info regarding purchasing some of my stuff, or possible projects.

taps and vinyl

So it's been a hectic little while...I got dumped, my band broke up, I had a bit of a breakdown, I moved, I went to a couple record conventions, visited a friend in kingston, had people visit from out of town, and somehow managed to have a successful art show on top of it all.

I got to see Acid Mothers Temple again. A band called O'GOD (Over Gain Optimal-Death) opened for them and blew my mind so by the time the mothers got off the stage I felt like I had literally been mind fucked, but in a good way. I recommend these bands to anyone who can appreciate 20 minute psychedelic heavy bass trance-inducing fuzzy rock sets that are best ingested after a couple hits off the ol' bong or a hit of something that'll make your brains feel kinda funky.

It's funny. I go to these record conventions, but rarely buy a record. I find myself walking out
with old concert posters, rock bios, movies and back issues of Rolling Stone and Circus from the seventies.with interviews with the likes of Frank Zappa and Stevie Wonder from back in a time when music was actually music and not all this filler payola garbage dee-jays try to pass off as interesting in the slightest.

My kittens love their new home and Charly has developed a thing for my shower tap as you can see in the pictures that follow.

She does this every night when I get home. She sits there beside the shower looking at me making her little meeeerrrr sound until i turn the tap on just enough that it drips and then she goes nuts for's the most heart melting thing around...if you're having a bad day i guarantee you come over and watch this go down you'll be smiling in a second...

sorry...I've become one of them crazy old ladies with nothing to do but talk about my cats...only I'm not old, well not really...

Next up: some random shots of the last month or so...there are a lot of them.